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Let me give you a little bit more information about myself. I am currently seeded within the top 100 players in the world and have taken part in 4 world scrabble championships once finishing 16th, I was the youngest player at 2 of these championships, I am the HIGHEST RATED PLAYER  in Sri Lanka at present.


I have started scrabble clubs in the UK and I am currently working as a full time scrabble coach at 2 schools and I am coaching the top players in Sri Lanka, employed by the national club, having a direct impact on the individual performances of the top Senior player and members of the youth team, helping the top Sri Lankan player achieve his highest ever finish in 9 attempts at the World scrabble championships.

click here for a VIDEO testimonial from Lakshan Wanniarachchi, who finished 18th at the 2017 World Scrabble Championships.
I am also individually coaching the best rated female under 18 scrabble player, and one of the top 3 under 12 players in the country.


With a background in teaching children for over 10 years at GCSE and A/levels ( former EDEXCEL UK A/level Statistics examiner for 6 yrs ), I have the perfect mix of scrabble expertise, teaching and coaching experience at any given skill level.


Scrabble can be viewed as a game for the geeks and introverts, especially at an expert level, my approach is quite interactive and light hearted.


I am available to coach, run scrabble workshops at schools, or even give one-to-one scrabble tuition ( which I currently do ). Please do drop me a line if you are interested. Look out for coaching sessions on the events section of this site.


Please send me a message using the form that is available in the CONTACT section.
Suresh in real life