As the name suggests, this is the absolute beginner who has no experience of playing scrabble.

There are many who embark on learning the game, but come away feeling that this game is not for them. They are of the opinion that the ability to anagram and to place the tiles on a board to maximally utilise the premium squares is BEYOND them.

There are a handful of starter exercises and simplified versions of scrabble that help you to gradually learn the above mentioned skills step by step, before being introduced to the actual game of SCRABBLE and its labyrinth of intricacies.


There are some starter activities that you could first attempt to help you be better prepared for the full version of scrabble.

  1. Bananagrams
  2. Snap
  3. Scrabble with modified rules – STEP 1


A 5min segment of an annotated game between 2 BEGINNERS / NOVICE PLAYERS.