THE place to play scrabble online!  Playing scrabble /wordstudy tools / Analysis tools / all combined into one supercharged scrabble portal called WOOOGLES. Created by Cesar Del Solar, Jesse Day ( Runner Up at the world scrabble championships) and team. Unlike other playing platforms WOOGLES caters to serious championship players’ needs. Almost all of the features are available for free! ISC – Internet scrabble club
Play scrabble against opponents from across the globe registered on ISC


EA Scrabble
Play on your mobile device or tablet using your facebook account. Available on your APPSTORE ( apple ) or PLAYSTORE ( android)


Sites to improve your game
Word study
To excel at scrabble you will have to memorise words. ALL of the top players in the world engage in word study.
Here are some tools to help you.


ZYZZYVA – available on windows and apple IOS

 ZYZZYVA – anagram function – simple step by step guide


Scrabble expert – available on ANDROID supported devices.


AEROLITH – an online


Game analysis and playing against the computer QUACKLE – A computer program that you can install and play against it offline.
You could also analyse your moves by feeding in the racks and board position. – Useful tips and a plethora of puzzles from Kenji Matsumoto


Scrabble tips from an experienced Aussie player John Holgate.


Other useful sites – Contains archives of games played. You can play through a game played by two players move by move. You also have the opportunity to upload your own games that is saved on quackle.
There is an online LEAVE EVALUATOR which can help you determine the worthiness of holding on to a certain combination of tiles on your rack.


http://www.wespa.orgWESPA – World English Scrabble Players Association.
The official international body for scrabble activities world wide. You can find the current world rankings and also a list of all the international tournaments world wide.
CROSSWORDSOLVER – If you want a more light hearted approach to scrabble this is the site for you. Ideal for novices and non competitive scrabble players. They also provide tips and strategies for other word games too!


Other national scrabble sites – Association of British Scrabble Players. – North American Scrabble Players’ Association ( USA and CANADA ) – Scrabble Australia


2 and 3 letter word list – Courtesy of the London Scrabble League


2 letter words and hooks to make 3s, JQXZ 4 letter words, Vowel dumps and the top 3 seven letter Bonus stems – courtesy of