• Pick 6 Vowels and 8 Consonants at random and start forming words horizontally and vertically.
  • Play between friends to see who finishes first.
  • You will have to connect all the words that you make in one continuous pattern.
  • The person who finishes first will gain the total score of all the points on the letters of the words he/she makes and will also score 10 bonus points.
  • As soon as 1 player has utilised all their letters to form words they must utter the magic word ‘ BANANAGRAMS ‘ to let the others know, they must stop forming words and must count the scores for their fully formed valid words.



The letters that help connect / form 2 words will be counted twice. ie. CAT scores 5 points, if you make HIT connecting on to the T of CAT, you score 6 points for the word HIT. Whereas the total score on the letters CATHI is 10, the score for CAT and HIT is 11, T being counted twice for each word.

If you are playing by yourself, you could try and form words within a given time limit to give yourself a challenge. ie 2mins

To increase the level of difficulty, increase the number of tiles whilst maintaining a 4:3 ratio between consonants and vowels.
ie. 12C and 8V

The skill developed by performing this activity
1. You learn how to shuffle around your letters and spot words. You will look out for common combinations of letters to form longer words.
2. Connect words with one another, forming words alone will not suffice, you will also have to learn how to connect them, players usually opt to use the first or the last letter of an existing word to form a new word. They will also need to challenge themselves to form new words by playing them through the MIDDLE of existing words.
3. ‎Learn how to score points for the words that you have formed. Doubling the score of the letters that are involved in forming 2 interconnected words. 

Watch a live demonstration