ZYZZYVA – anagram function – simple step by step guide

A step by step demonstration showing you how to perform basic anagram searches with 3 to 4 other restrictions. Ideal for beginners and novice SCRABBLE players.




Read my short blog on Spotting words.  This is appropriate for the NOVICE PLAYER. Players in other categories will also find this useful.




Here are some starter activities that will help you prepare for the real game of scrabble. They are the stepping stones to playing the full version of Scrabble. LEVEL – BEGINNERS Read my short blog on BANANAGRAMS

Play with 5 tiles 
This is a simplified version of scrabble with a few modifications. Play
with 5 tiles on your rack. Separate consonants and vowels, score 30 points extra for using up all your 5 letters. – BEGINNERS